A great coderdojo event this week. Some new projects on the horizon and a welcomed few new faces. Looking forward to next month… book your tickets coders http://bit.ly/2kZKYhc


its been a busy start to the year, but we’re still here and Wythenshawe Coderdojo will be held next week at WOW Zone! Get your ticket for #wythydojoJan http://bit.ly/2kfKajm

Happy New Year 2017

What else can you do with all that tech you’ve been given for Christmas? Tell us what you’ve got and what you want to do with it and keep an eye on our calendar for Wythenshawe Coder Dojo dates!


Another great wythydojo, with lots of spooky themes going on with Scratch, Python and Makey-Makey. I can’t believe we got the pumpkins to make the spooky laughing noises, just by touch! Next Dojo will be on 27th November. Make sure you get your tickets early! http://bit.ly/1Sk2K68 Is it too soon to have a Christmas theme? Answers

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Hey, it’s the last week in October. As well as Halloween, the clocks going back and digging your winter coats out (check the pockets for money). It’s the also the last Sunday of the month, which means its Wythydojo! We’ve being doing a bit of networking and marketing this month, so make sure you get

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This month we want to assemble a crew of 4 coders to attend the Junior Manchester Hack next month. http://www.hackmanchester.com/junior There will be the usual #MinecraftEdu, #Scratch, #RaspberryPi and we may have a few guests from @TheWOWzone1 Heritage Project, @WorldofWatkin, who will be looking to pick your brains for some ideas to do with #MinecraftEdu and rebuilding the digital World

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We’re back from playing in the park. You might have seen our new flyers that state “last Sunday of every month”  , but as it bank holiday at the eve of this month we’re holding Wythydojo on 21st Aug. Get you ticket by navigating to our calendar and clicking on the date, then click on

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Hi Coders! We’re back to normal after all of those lazy bank holidays! End of the month wythydojo will be held on Sunday 26th Juneand we’ll continue using Scratch, MinecraftEdu, RaspberryPi and a bit of professional CSS and maybe a hint of PHP. See you @11am on 26th!

Wythydojo May 22nd

Because of another bank holiday in May, we’re holding coder dojo Wythenshawe on Sunday 22nd May. Tickets are available here: http://bit.ly/1Trk6ye View our calendar for future dates and book your ticket early.