Get you tickets for Wythydojo this September

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DojoCon 2017

The annual global CoderDojo conference.

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OPEN! #wythydojoSept is on!

We hope you’ve had a nice summer and didn’t get too wet in the rain. Wythenshawe Coderdojo  will be continuing on Sunday 24th September from 11am. Tickets can be obtained by clicking on the date on our calendar DojoCon 2017 is England’s 1st ever DojoCon and will be help on 13-15th October 2017 in Warrington.

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Closed #wythydojoAug

We’re sorry to announce, there won’t be a coderdojo this month (August). Why not use our links to start your project over the summer holidays, so you can bring it along to show us at the next coderdojo. We will be back up and running in September. You can book your tickets for September here

#wythydojoAug ??

CHECK BACK TO FOR UPDATES ! We hope centre will be open over the August bank holiday weekend! Tickets available for Sunday 27th August – depending on Lifestyle being open.


Hey coders, we’re not holding Coderdojo at WOW Zone this month, but we will be at the Wythenshawe Games on Sunday 30th July. Come and find us and see what we’re doing… We’ll be in a tent 🙂 (we also hope it doesn’t rain) There’ll be plenty to do at the games


I’ve check and double checked! Lifestyle Centre is definitely open next Sunday! Coderdojo will be continuing on 25th June 2017. Tickets available here!


Sorry I’ve been a bit busy this month and haven’t got around to putting the tickets up or updating the website. Tickets are now available for Sunday’s CoderDojo Wythenshawe Tickets:


Happy Easter! It’s nearly Coderdojo Sunday – 30th April between 11am and 1.30pm. Hope to see you there…. Check out the calendar page or go to the link below!


A great coderdojo event this week. Some new projects on the horizon and a welcomed few new faces. Looking forward to next month… book your tickets coders